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Singapore Zoo to celebrate 40th anniversary with special programmes

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Zoo is rolling out celebratory activities from now until the end of the year to commemorate its 40th anniversary.
Asia One - March 8, 2013
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Singapore Zoo to celebrate 40th anniversary with special programmes

Singapore Zoo, which ranks among the world's best zoos, reaches another significant milestone this year as it turns 40; and the wildlife institution's own growth and success story mirror closely that of the nation that bore it.

"As a young zoo in an equally young nation, turning 40 is monumental, and a time for us to both reflect and look ahead. We have learnt much along the way, and grown with our visitors who have come to appreciate and recognise our efforts in conservation, education, and recreation," said Ms Claire Chiang, Chairman, Wildlife Reserves Singapore. "We hope, in our way of striving to provide exciting and meaningful experiences, we have managed to inspire in our visitors an appreciation of nature and wildlife."

Built in the budding years of Singapore's independence, Singapore Zoo was the brainchild of a very young team lead by Dr Ong Swee Law. Although armed with little knowledge of zoos, their unreserved gusto and foresight propelled them ahead and Singapore Zoo has been a hit since its opening in 1973, with its pioneering open concept and its 'people-friendliness'.

Over the years, Singapore Zoo became a major recreational and educational centre that grew up alongside the nation and her people, and the millions of tourists that arrive on the island. The zoo is an evergreen destination which many visitors discover as children with their parents or during school excursions. As years pass, they re-visit as parents when their own little ones are growing up, and eventually they return as grandparents with their grandchildren.

In 1994, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, then Senior Minister of Singapore, said, "The Singapore Zoo makes Singapore a better place for children and their parents."

Echoing that sentiment even today, Ms Chiang continued, "Generations of Singaporeans have walked the paths of Singapore Zoo since we opened in 1973, supporting us and loving our family members like Ah Meng, Inuka, and Omar as their own. Many visited first as schoolchildren, then as adults with their own families. We are honoured to be a part of Singapore life, and we do hope that our visitors will continue the tradition of introducing their children, and even grandchildren, to the wonders of wildlife."



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