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Seeing double at this Christmas party

Fret not if you're a mum who's coping with not only one child, but two at the same time.
December 17, 2012
By: Charissa Yong
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Seeing double at this Christmas party (From left) Ms Mychelle Chen, 33, holding Lucas, Mr Alan Sim, 32, with Lucretia, and Mr Victor Sim, 32, with Zavier, and Ms Wendy Tan, 30, carrying Zarius. The wives of twin brothers Alan and Victor both gave birth to twins as well. Ms Tan founded a group

TWIN brothers Victor and Alan Sim share something other than their birthdays: Both their wives also gave birth to twins.

Mr Victor Sim's identical twin sons, Zavier and Zarius, are now 17 months old, while Mr Alan Sim's son and daughter are four months old.

The 32-year-old Sim twins were the oldest pair at a Christmas party for multiple babies, held last Saturday at the Manulife Centre. Around 30 sets of twins attended, as well as a set of triplets.

The party was organised by a Facebook group called Double Joy, set up five months ago by Mr Victor Sim's wife Wendy Tan, 30.

The group provides a platform for mothers of multiple babies to share their experiences and concerns. With 157 members, Ms Tan believes it is the group with the highest number of local and Asian twin mothers here.

"When I found out I was having twins I was happy, but also shocked. I didn't know how to handle twins, or about the risks involved," said Ms Tan, who works in human resources.

She started the Double Joy group because she had not found any other Singaporean groups for twin mothers.

"It's good that my sons have each other as playmates. They will share their toys with each other, but they will also fight and bite each other sometimes," said Ms Tan.

She added that when one twin fell sick, the other would follow very quickly too.

Mothers who spoke to The Straits Times said challenges ranged from complications during pregnancy to simple problems of raising twins.

Communications specialist Winnie Tan, 40, mother of six-month-old twin boys, said: "It's very tough and challenging being a twin mum. We have a unique set of problems."

They drew attention whenever they went out with their babies, she said, and people always stopped to ask them questions, such as whether they were twins.

Said Ms Kim Tan, 39, mother of five-year-old triplets Ishaan, Ayaan and Shehjaar: "Having them is three times as hectic but triple the joy."

The group can be found at


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