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Renewing their vows near ‘Lovers’ Walk’

MR VICTOR Chan, 55, and his wife Tan Gek Choo, 53, used to go to the famous “Lovers’ Walk” near the Esplanade when they dated more than 30 years ago.
The Straits Times - March 6, 2013
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Renewing their vows near ‘Lovers’ Walk’

“We used to come here to watch the sea. It was breezy at night and there wasn’t much light, so there were a lot of couples here,” said Mr Chan, a sales manager, of the couples’ haunt that was also known as Gor Jang Qiu Ka, or Hokkien for “under the five trees”.

The trees are now long gone and the area has been developed but the couple returned yesterday to renew their wedding vows.

They were among 39 couples, mostly from Tampines, who did so at the start of the Helix Bridge, next to Marina Bay Sands and not far from “Lovers’ Walk”.

After reading their vows to each other, the couples kissed – some shyly, others boldly.

They were then taken on an open-top Hippo Bus tour of the downtown district and Chinatown in an event organised by a family life champion from the Tampines West Constituency, businessman Dennis Tan, 66.

It was also supported by the North East Community Development Council and Marriage Central, an agency under the National Family Council.

The Chans’ daughter and son-in-law – project analyst Patricia and insurance manager Eugene Yeo, both 29 – also turned up to renew their vows.

Both generations were married on the same date – Jan 19 – albeit 31 years apart.

“The date was an auspicious one. We printed jerseys to commemorate it,” said Mr Chan, who wore the top, along with his wife.  Mr How Keaw Hing, 79, and his wife Koo Kew Yin, 76, were the oldest couple there.

Said Mr How, a former sailor: “We got to know each other on an outing with friends. We’d come here occasionally to pak tor.” Pak tor is Cantonese for going on a date.

“We’ll be married for 50 years next week,” he added with a smile.


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