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Poll shows what S'poreans want to be happier

Two-thirds of married people polled said they were happier after tying the knot.
The Straits Times - March 4, 2013
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Poll shows what S'poreans want to be happier

MORE than half of Singaporeans said financial stability and a better work-life balance would be the two things that can make them happier, a new survey revealed yesterday.

Two-thirds (66 per cent) of part-time workers said they were happy compared with only 60 per cent of full-timers in a "happiness poll" of 5,720 people carried out by NTUC.

Though the two factors for greater happiness may seem conflicting, NUS sociologist Paulin Straughan, 49, does not think so: "The challenge is productivity. When we are able to work smart and employers reward a full day's work accordingly, there will not be discord between the two factors."

Most of those surveyed were married mothers and the findings were released to mark International Women's Day on March 8.

In all, 61 per cent of people said they were happy. Sixty-two per cent of married people polled said they were happy, while 55 per cent of the singles said the same. About two-thirds of married people surveyed said they were happier after tying the knot, while 77 per cent of parents said they were happier after entering parenthood. The findings come after the enhanced Marriage and Parenthood package released in January.

Only 57 per cent of respondents said they spent sufficient time with their families, while just a fifth had personal time for themselves.

The poll also revealed a lack of employer support for flexible working arrangements. Only a third of respondents said their bosses supported flexible work arrangements, while less than a third had the option to work part-time or from home.

NTUC said it will continue to engage its unionised companies to implement flexible work arrangements. It also plans to set up a total of 60 "U Family Chapters" in unions, consisting of union representatives who will engage firms in building pro-family workplaces.


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