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Party till you drop - not!

Hold the drinks! What good is the bingeing of alcoholic beverages if all they give you are headaches and nausea the next day?
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - December 28, 2007
By: Linda Lee
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Party till you drop - not!


That was the big, fat sound my friend, Chuck, made when he fell to the ground, completely wasted and oblivious to the world after a drink too many last Christmas Eve.

Now, Chuck is a man of his word. When he said that he was going to party till he dropped, he did. When he said he was going let his hair down and end the year with much fanfare, he certainly did too - as he regurgitated his food and drink all over his mane, with bits adorning his face like pizza toppings. Yuck.

I don't mean to preach. But seriously, what fun is there in resorting to such measures just to prove that you're having the time of your life? You may knock yourself out with nary a care in the universe, but pity your poor friend, who has to haul you in all your unconscious, flaccid glory - without breaking a limb or your neck - into a taxi just to get you home safely.

So if you are still planning a wicked New Year's Eve night out, spare yourself and everyone else an unsavoury aftermath by paying heed to these grace-saving pointers:

  • High concentrations of alcohol and toxins (especially when you drink quickly and without food) mess up your system. Instead of binging on an empty stomach, first eat a meal that includes essential vitamins and minerals. If you're at the bar, take some fried, oily food like calamari, chicken wings or potato wedges to help slow the absorption of alcohol. The grease in the grub lines your stomach for a while, giving you a little more time before alcohol enters your blood stream - although it will eventually enter, so don't overdo the drink.


  • Alcohol dehydrates. Have lots of water, sports drinks, or juice beforehand and while indulging in booze. This can help to minimise hangover effects.

  • If you know that you are going to be plastered, at least prepare a hangover cure before leaving home. Instead of relying on the hair of the dog, have some tea or blended smoothies on standby.


  • Select your spirits wisely. Some drinks are more potent than others. For instance, congeners or toxic chemicals that form during the fermentation process are found more in some liquors and can cause headaches. Generally speaking, darker drinks such as red wine, bourbon, scotch, and brandy have more congeners than lighter ones like white wine, vodka, and gin.


  • Your liver breaks down alcohol at the rate of about a glass per hour, so spread out your consumption over the evening to decrease the likelihood of a hangover.

Now, please excuse me while I check on dear old Chuck. I really hope he won't make a fool of himself again at next week's countdown gig. If all my coaxing falls on deaf ears, I'll just make sure I break his limb (or neck) the next time I have to shove the drunken mess that he is into another cab.

“Plaaat!” Oops.


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