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Night Safari's new kid on the blog

The latest addition to the Night Safari even has its own blog
The Sunday Times - March 4, 2012
By: Siau Ming En
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Night Safari's new kid on the blog -- PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

Its name Nalo means 'lovable' in Swahili. Just three months old, the lanky giraffe calf already has its own blog.

Nalo made its blogosphere debut last Thursday.

The idea, said the Night Safari, is to let Singaporeans follow its growing-up moments - and even win prizes in a Guess Nalo's Height online contest.

When it was born on Dec 5 last year, baby Nalo already stood at 1.88m and weighed 75kg. Within an hour of its birth, it was on its feet and able to walk.

Nalo is the first giraffe to be born at the Night Safari in three years and is the third South African giraffe to be born there. It is also the Night Safari's tallest baby.

Its family includes dad Pongola and mum Dobeni, which arrived from South Africa in 1993. Its big sister Kayin was born in 2008.

For the Night Safari, the blog, Nalo's Tales: Adventures Of Night Safari's Tallest Baby, is a first for an animal in its care and provides glimpses into the calf's life and antics, such as galloping around the compound.

Nalo's keeper, Mr Subash Chandran, assistant director of zoology at the Night Safari, said the baby giraffe likes snuggling up to its mother.

He added: 'Nalo has also picked up a curious habit of playing with its tongue by swivelling it in the air every now and then.'

Nalo's first attempts at walking, its first day at the exhibit as well as a video interview with Mr Chandran can all be found on the blog.

Ms Isabel Cheng, director of marketing and communications at Wildlife Reserves Singapore, said the blog highlights 'the growing adventures of our baby giraffe'.

The videos, images and keeper interviews also give insights into the care of animals at the Night Safari.

A replica of Nalo made a public appearance at the busy Orchard Road shopping belt yesterday afternoon - in a 2.1m-tall baby pram.

For those who are eager to catch a glimpse of Nalo, there are Night Safari tickets to be won in the Guess Nalo's Height contest by predicting its latest height on the blog (

Visitors can also make a trip to the Night Safari's African zone to say 'high' to Nalo and its family.



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