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Mooncakes that are worth the calories

The baked mooncake is a popular food choice this time of the year, but the calorie content will make you regret it the whole year.
The New Paper - September 3, 2013
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Mooncakes that are worth the calories

So it should either be worth the calories or you should find one that is a healthier option.

But let's not delude ourselves - the era of the healthy mooncake is not here yet.

Till then, here are five relatively healthy options:

1) Peony Jade is famous for its durian snowskin mooncakes. Second on their list are flaky Teochew mooncakes with yam.

But do check out their traditional baked mooncakes, too.

This year, there are two healthy options: Premium Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts and Double Yolk ($34 for two pieces) and Baked Mooncake with Sugar-Free Premium Mother of Pearl White Lotus Paste and Melon Seeds($29 for two pieces).

You can order it online ( till Sept 8 or buy it from Peony Jade restaurants till Sept 19.

2) InterContinental Singapore's Man Fu Yuan has a range of healthy mooncakes, created by dim sum chef Simon Poon.

This is a range of low-sugar white lotus seed paste mooncakes, made with 50 per cent less sugar and with all-natural ingredients.

This makes eating that single yolk mooncake less sinful.

It's at $54.80 for four pieces and you can order online at or at The Teahut, at the entrance of the hotel at Bugis Junction.

For more information, call 6820-8519.

3) Heritage should be treasured, so this year, you might want to get your mooncakes from iconic Teochew confectionery shop Thye Moh Chan.

There is a selection of six mooncakes available.

Of these, the Traditional Teochew Mooncake ($18) is a combination of maltose, white sesame, dried kumquat and five-spice powder.

And it looks impressive.

I like the salty tau sar mooncake.

The savoury mung bean filling (with fried shallots, white sesame and white pepper) is a nice match for the single salted egg yolk.

These are at $24.80 for a box of four.

Thye Moh Chan is at Parkway Parade and Chinatown Point.

4) Hua Ting Restaurant at Orchard Hotel has gone out of its way to offer a healthier option this season.

The Black Bean Paste with Melon Seeds ($17 per piece) has black bean paste ground from red beans, which are sources of anti-oxidants, fibre and protein.

There are also melon seeds, which contain Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and calcium.

For orders, call 6739-6577.

The mooncakes are on sale now till Sept 19.

5) Instead of the usual barbecued pork, Singapore Marriott Hotel has mixed chicken bak kwa and assorted nuts with white lotus seed paste ($68 for eight).

The chicken bak kwa added a lovely sweetness and went well with the nuts.

The calories may not change too much, but at least you've made an effort.

Another to check out is the snowskin one called Tropical Sunshine ($60 for eight) with mango and frozen yogurt. It's like eating gelato.

The mooncakes will be sold at the hotel's Forecourt Stall till Sept 19. Call 6831-4708 for more information or bulk orders.


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