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Meatballs still in demand despite horsemeat scare

Meatballs have been in the spotlight recently, after horse meat was found in those sold by Swedish furniture giant Ikea in the Czech Republic three weeks ago.
The Straits Times - March 19, 2013
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Meatballs still in demand despite horsemeat scare

But restaurants that SundayLife! spoke to said they have not seen sales dip, or received more queries from diners on what goes into the meatballs.

Consulting chef Matthew White, 33, from Extra Virgin Pizza in Asia Square and United Square Shopping Mall, says: "The popularity of our meatballs has remained the same or grown - customers have always loved this dish."

The artisan Italian pizza eatery serves Veal & Ricotta Meatballs using meat from Australia.

Wine BOS, a wine distributor which also runs a restaurant at North Bridge Road, has Bitter Ballen - Famous Dutch Meatballs, made from beef imported from New Zealand on its menu.

Its director, Mr Charles Stephan, 55, says: "Some of my customers joke about it. They say: 'Today is very special, our meatballs are made of pure horse meat.'

"I don't think Westerners worry too much and locals haven't asked me any questions about the meat."

Diners at Fika, a Swedish cafe and bistro chain which also serves meatballs with potatoes, lingonberry jam and cream sauce, are not deterred either.

Mr Mats Frisk, 52, Swede who works here as managing director of a strategic design agency, says: "I don't have a problem eating horse meat because I have eaten it back home. For example, instead of ham, we have slices of horse meat."

He adds: "But I know what I get here at Fika is not horse meat."


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