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Malaysian mum wows Japanese housewives with bentos too cute to eat

A Malaysian mother of two has been making waves on Instagram with her "Kyara-ben" creations.
Asia One - August 28, 2013
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Malaysian mum wows Japanese housewives with bentos too cute to eat

According to news site Rocket24, "Kyara-ben", or boxed bento lunches featuring cute comic characters, have been around in Japan for some time.

And they are usually created by mums with time and skill on their hands.

The website reported that these adorable meals have made even Japanese housewives "green with envy".

The plates of cute yet healthy meals for her daughters have earned Malaysian Samantha Lee a huge fanbase, with more than 250,000 followers on Instagram.

Besides cute cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants, Lee has also translated pop icons like Lady Gaga and Psy into her bento boxes.

Founder of Bento Singapore, Shirley Wong, 30, is also a big fan of Japanese culture and began her bento-making hobby about two years ago.

She set up her popular food blog, in 2012, to share her love for the lunchbox art. She also teaches others the finer art of bento making via her website.

"Bento, is really packing a really wholesome meal to bring to work...and it (represents) alot of love, especially for the person making it," said Ms Wong.


Unlike Ms Lee, Ms Wong started her bento-making out of convenience, because she did not want to "walk out in the sun" for lunch and would rather eat in office.

"Then I thought, since I'm doing it everyday, I might as well make it cute!"


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