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Makiyo's mother hopes daughter finds 'honest, simple' husband

Considering the fact that Makiyo has a wilful personality coupled with a hot temper, it may be hard to picture her choosing a honest man who is down to earth as her life partner but that may come true this year if her mom has her way.
Asia One - March 12, 2013
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Makiyo's mother hopes daughter finds 'honest, simple' husband

Making an appearance at a wedding exhibition in Taiwan as an endorsement ambassador, the Taiwanese-Japanese celebrity wowed the crowd by first appearing on stage in a wedding gown made with Swarovski crystals, before revealing her mother's wishes.

CTS12 reported that Makiyo said that her mother wants her to settle down with an 'honest, simple' man as soon as possible, and that she is hoping to have some luck in the field of love this year as well.

Makiyo made headlines last year when she not only did nothing to stop a friend of hers assaulting a cab driver, but also joined in the beating by kicking the cabby.

She made a comeback with a singing performance in Malaysia earlier in January which was reportedly lacklusture at best.


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