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Ke$ha bares all in new documentary series

There is just a pee-wee problem with American singer Ke$ha's new television documentary: Will viewers see a much- discussed scene of her drinking her own urine in it?
The Straits Times - May 9, 2013
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Ke$ha bares all in new documentary series

There is just a pee-wee problem with American singer Ke$ha's new television documentary: Will viewers see a much- discussed scene of her drinking her own urine in it?

The pop singer, known for her bizarre antics and outre dress sense, has been doing the interview rounds for her upcoming MTV documentary series, Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life, and setting tabloids on fire with her admission that she once downed some of her own pee neat.

But it remains to be seen if the scene will make it to the final edit when the show, shot by her younger brother Lagan Sebert, premieres here on Saturday on the music channel.

Speaking to journalists in a tele- conference from Los Angeles, the Die Young singer, 26, says: "I have a philosophy to try out anything in life at least one time, so why not try drinking pee?

"And someone told me it's healthy. So I tried it and it was really disgusting and I don't recommend it.

"The truth is, it happened, and I want to give my fans the truth so I'm fighting desperately to put everything in there," she says, adding that she is still trying to get the controversial scene on the show.

The series promises to be no-holds- barred, capturing her awkward and intimate moments over more than two years.

Adds the boisterous singer: "I wanted to document my life because I wanted to remember it and I felt the world would be entertained by all the crazy stuff that happened in my life."

Fans can expect to catch Ke$ha looking dishevelled, sans make-up, backstage antics and live performances.

Then, there are the shots of the self-confessed "make-out slut", well, cosying up to men.

She says with a laugh: "I like to make out with people. I am like a make-out slut but I don't do more than that with anybody. I think people think that I get super frisky all the time, but I don't. I just like to make out with people because kissing is super fun.

"When it gets heated, then I'll be like 'all right', and I'll leave."

True, stars from Madonna to Katy Perry have had their own bare-all documentaries.

But Ke$ha also displays an empowering edge to her, in scenes where she connects with a fan who is also a victim of bullying.

Ke$ha, who endured bullying in high school herself, says: "I relate to people who are bullied in high school. Fitting into some sort of typical mould didn't come natural to me, and I know that a lot of my fans feel the same way - that they're bullied for whatever reason.

"I think probably the hardest thing of my high school years was just trying to get through and not letting people affect me and just remaining true to myself."

Born Kesha Rose Sebert, Ke$ha gained commercial success with her debut album Animal (2010), which produced hit singles such as dance-pop anthems Tik Tok and Your Love Is My Drug, as well as the introspective title track.

She quickly became known for her quirky fashion sense - often donning sequins and gold spandex body suits with copious amounts of neon-coloured body paint and glitter.

"When I'm on stage, I create a whole environment that is like this magical land where people can come and cover themselves in body paint and glitter and ripped up stockings, and just dance and act totally crazy," she says.

Asked about her signature look, the single singer says her style constant is "a little androgyny".

"I also always look to Keith Richards," she adds, referring to the guitarist of English rock band The Rolling Stones.

"Like if I could look like Keith Richards with t*ts, that'd be great."

Her unique half-talking, half-rapping style melds well with her brand of electro-rock-rap, and continues to feature in her most recent release, Warrior (2012).

Warrior has so far produced two international hit singles: the electro-pop ditties C'mon and Die Young.

She says of her new record: "I really wanted to make a pop and rock 'n' roll record.

"I really wanted the essence and the attitude of rock 'n' roll to come through this record, which is very raw and visceral.

"I also think it's really important for the world and for my young fans to hear that it's ballsy, but it's positive."


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