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JTC launches new space for the arts

Wessex Village Square will be a focal point and vibrant hotspot
The Business Times - April 12, 2008
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JTC launches new space for the arts

MEMBERS of the arts community in Singapore will now have another platform to showcase their talent.

JTC Corporation yesterday launched the Wessex Village Square @ one-north – a space for art exhibitions, music and dance performances and other events.

The square will also house an art workshop and studio, a dessert cafe and an Italian trattoria and cocktail bar, all accompanied by gallery spaces.

“Wessex Village Square will be a focal point and vibrant hotspot where community events will be held and artistic talents will show their work,” said JTC assistant chief executive officer Philip Su.

The 10,000 sq ft Wessex Village Square is at the heart of the Wessex Estate, a heritage area in the one-north innovation and research hub that includes Biopolis and Fusionopolis.

JTC has refurbished four blocks of walk-up apartments into 24 experimental work lofts and adapted the previous Judo Federation Club and Colbar into the Village Square, Mr Su explained.

In conjunction with the launch, several artistic events have been lined up for the public at the Wessex Estate today.

People can catch the Wessex Artists Open House, Arts Bazaar and a movie, among other things.


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