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From nurses to students and soldiers, everyone wants to confess something

Singaporeans have taken to making their deepest darkest secrets known on Facebook, through the numerous confession pages that have become all the rage.
The Straits Times - March 19, 2013
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From nurses to students and soldiers, everyone wants to confess something

The universities started the ball rolling, and now there are pages such as PAP Confessions, Singapore Nurses Confessions and Singaporean Confessions just to name a few.

There are at least 60 pages, including those for schools and tertiary institutions. The pages also have large followings, judging from the high number of "likes" - a way for individuals to indicate interest in a Facebook page.

SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) Confessions for example, has over 23,000 "likes", while PAP (People's Action Party) Confessions has more than 6,000 "likes".

On the Singaporean Confessions page, posts include complaints about public transport or working with foreigners in Singapore. Some confessions are of a more risque nature, such as having sex with a co-worker.

Administrators of some of these pages tell SundayLife! that they started the pages to see what "fun and interesting" things people would confess. They also wanted to provide a platform for members of their community to speak freely.


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