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From Ah Boys to Super Boys

Movies, a musical and an album are being planned for the six actors from hit movie Ah Boys To Men.
Asia One - August 2, 2013
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From Ah Boys to Super Boys

SINGAPORE - South Korea may have boyband Super Junior but, soon, Singapore could have our very own Super Boys.

Details have yet to be firmed up, but local artist-management firms Fly Entertainment and JM Artiste Network revealed yesterday that they have plans to groom the six rookie actors from hit local movie Ah Boys To Men: Tosh Zhang, Wang Weiliang, Maxi Lim, Joshua Tan, Noah Yap and Charlie Goh.

"Now we have our own Super Junior, it's called Super Boys. But that's not their real name," said Fly's chief executive, Ms Irene Ang, jokingly, although she declined to reveal if they would be marketed as a group.

Attesting to the boys' popularity, she said: "Recently, the boys made an appearance at a shopping centre and the crowd went crazy."

Fly will act as commercial agents for the actors by handling their endorsement and celebrity appearances, while JM Artiste Network - a joint collaboration between J Team Productions and mm2 Entertainment - will focus on charting their careers in television and movies, as well as developing their singing and acting skills.

On the importance of grooming the stars, Ms Ang said: "We don't want them to fizzle out like the flavour of the month."

The companies hope to plug the gap in talent development and management, an aspect that is neglected in the showbiz industry here, said Mr Ng Say Yong, managing director of mm2 Entertainment.

"Every time we start filming a movie, we have to start from scratch and look for new talents. (It's not like in) Korea (where) talent management is a very developed business," he said.

Local director Jack Neo, who is the chief executive of J Team Productions, said that partnering with Fly was a natural choice, as it is an established talent-management firm with wide connections.

Ms Ang revealed that there are plans for "a couple of movies, a musical, and an album" for the six actors. "They will be more than a boy band, and more like a boy group that will sing, act and (do) more."

When asked what name the boys have in mind if they do debut as a group, actor-singer Zhang, 24, said candidly: "Singaporeans already know us as Ah Boys. No matter what we tell them to call us, they will still call us Ah Boys."


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