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Football: LionsXII have outshone 1994 'Dream Team', says coach V. Sundramoorthy

LionsXII coach V. Sundramoorthy holds the Malaysian Super League trophy aloft after his side's 4-0 victory over Felda United on Tuesday, July 2, 2013.
The Straits Times - July 2, 2013
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Football: LionsXII have outshone 1994 'Dream Team', says coach V. Sundramoorthy

In the eyes of coach V. Sundramoorthy, the LionsXII have outshone even the Malaysian league and Cup-winning 'Dream Team' of 1994, a line-up that featured the likes of Fandi Ahmad.

He said in a post-match press conference, shortly after the LionsXII beat Felda United 4-0 to capture the Malaysian Super League title on Tuesday night: "This team has outshone the 1994 team. For rookies, they've done a great job.

"My boys tried their best from the start of the season. There were a lot of ups and downs but they pulled through."

Indeed, the LionsXII - a young side with 25 players aged 23 or below - were written off at the start of the season.

Their victory makes it the first time since 1994 that a Singapore team have captured the Malaysian league title.

Added Sundramoorthy: "It was a big challenge, especially in January. We went through a lot to get to where we are today."

He is not getting ahead of himself though, even with the thumping win at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

Looking ahead to the Malaysia Cup competition which kicks off in August, he said: "It's going to be very tough."


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