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Feast like a king with a $15,000 CNY set meal

The set menu at Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine for 10 people includes delicacies such as abalone, fish maw, shark's fin, wagyu beef and bird's nest, hence the hefty price tag.
Asia One - February 1, 2013
By: Natalie Lim
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Feast like a king with a $15,000 CNY set meal

A restaurant at Marina Bay Sands has launched a Chinese New Year set menu for 10 people that costs a little over $15,000.

It is named Hong Guo Da Zhan Yan in Chinese, which roughly translates to Hong Country's great banquet. According to the menu, it looks like a banquet for a king with delicacies, such as abalone, fish maw, shark's fin, wagyu beef and bird's nest.

While most may baulk at the cost, this set was so popular in the previous two years when it was launched that Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine brought it back for a third year.

In fact, out of 11 set menus on offer, this is the most expensive and most popular. The cost of the set meal for 10 is $12,888 before GST and service charge.

"Although there are no reservations for reunion dinner, we have received a number of reservations over the Chinese New Year period.

"There is a mix of companies and families ordering the set, but majority are families," a restaurant spokesman told Shin Min Wan Bao in Chinese.

Shin Min reported that the restaurant had started accepting reservations end of last year for their Chinese New Year set menus and have reached almost 90 per cent of capacity.

Customers have to make reservations and place orders one day in advance. They can also order this set menu any time throughout the year, as long as they order in advance.

The menu:

  • Salmon yu-sheng 
  • Double-boiled supreme shark's fin with cordyceps 
  • Sauteed caviar with egg white 
  • Stewed supreme fish maw with 20 head whole dried abalone 
  • Roasted whole suckling pig with taro sauce 
  • Pan-fried diced Wagyu beef from Japan 
  • Stir-fried glutinous rice with Chinese dried sausage in lotus leaf 
  • Double-boiled bird's nest


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