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Deliveries to keep you in high spirits

Accidents happen but fret not, there's - an online alcohol delivery service that was started by 24-year-old Triston Ong last December
The Business Times - July 9, 2014
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Deliveries to keep you in high spirits Asher (above) is a six-month-old online alcohol delivery business run by Triston Ong, whose family runs an alcohol distribution company, Chuan Hoe Trading Co

Accidents happen but fret not, there's - an online alcohol delivery service that was started by 24-year-old Triston Ong last December. He got the idea for the business because his family owns an offline alcohol distribution business called Chuan Hoe Trading Co, which distributes beers, wines and spirits to retail and convenience stores around Singapore.

"I felt that the business has to keep up with the current trends, and right now that trend is online and e-commerce," says Mr Ong, who a final year business management undergraduate. "I wanted to get involved in the family business, so I started working on the offline part last year to learn how things worked first. It's great because I get to build on the existing platform and connections that my dad and granddad have established over the years," he adds. Towards the end of last year, he decided to start the website under a new brand name Asher, which currently stocks a few hundred varieties of beers, wines and spirits from all over the world.

What customers have to do is simply create an account, place an order, and then they get to choose a preferred delivery timeslot between 10am and 7pm. Delivery can be done within the same day, or even months later.

Creating a membership account also gives customers 10 per cent off prices listed on the website, while the $7 delivery fee is waived for orders above $68. "The alcohol market is very competitive, but our prices are just as competitive, and usually cheaper than say 7-Eleven or supermarkets, because we supply to such places so we are sensitive about how we price our products," says Mr Ong.

But even then, he still feels the need to include some value-added services as part of his business in order to draw more customers. One way he does this is by organising wine-tasting and pairing sessions where Mr Ong invites various alcohol brand ambassadors to come and teach his customers more about their alcohol for a fee.

He explains: "Alcohol is not cheap, so when you buy something, you want to be able to appreciate it. We think that tastings, pairings and sharing sessions are a good way to do that because when people understand what they are drinking, they can appreciate it better."


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