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Days of wine and roses

Drink in the scenery (and the wine) in this charming drama from Korea.
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - December 13, 2007
By: Linda Lee
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Days of wine and roses

If you happen to be both a K-drama- and wine-loving person, let me recommend a show that will fit you to a T.

The Vineyard Man is a romantic comedy about Lee Ji-Hyun (played by Yoon Eun Hye), an aspiring fashion designer who hopes to have her own label one day. However, her ambition is put on hold when she agrees to a lucrative proposal from her grand-uncle. The caveat is that she must work for a year at the latter's vineyard in order to inherit it eventually.

In the countryside, the city girl finds it hard to adapt. It doesn’t help that she has to work under the supervision of a stern and uncouth Jang Taek-Gi (starring Oh Man Suk). But through a series of conflicts and events, a quaint relationship blossoms between the two, amidst picturesque scenery and with grape cultivating processes in the background.

Speaking of grape harvesting and wine, this is a good time to share some quick wine appreciation tips:

  1. Pour an inch of wine into a clear wine glass, whose rim should bend inwards to help prevent spillage while swirling, and to channel aromas to the nose.

  2. If you are tasting several wines, begin with the lightest, then proceed to the heaviest (sparkling, light whites, then full-bodied). Take a sip of water after tasting each wine to refresh your palate.

  3. Hold the glass by its stem and swirl its contents to aerate the wine. After nosing your drink, take a sip that fills your mouth halfway before swallowing a small amount at a time to savour varied layers for a lingering finish.

If you are interested in learning more about wine tasting, take classes that teach you the finer points. Alternatively, watch The Vineyard Man on VCDs or DVD for more basic pointers.


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