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Couples hall for filmgoers

A hall in Golden Village's latest cineplex allows more privacy for couples on a special date.
The Straits Times - November 13, 2012
By: Yip Wai Yee
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Couples hall for filmgoers At the Golden Village hall in City Square Mall, the armrest between the paired seats can be raised. -- PHOTO: SAM CHIN FOR THE STRAITS TIMES

An entire cinema hall decked out for movie-going couples opens at City Square Mall today.

Located at Golden Village City Square, the 11th and newest cineplex from Golden Village, this special hall is an intimate 42-seater temporarily known as Couple's Cinema.

Inside, each pair of moviegoers sit together, apart from the others, enjoying more privacy. The armrest between the paired seats can be raised should couples want to cuddle.

A Golden Village spokesman says the concept is lifted from its premium Gold Class halls, which also feature twin seats.

The couples hall, however, will not have the reclining seats and butler service for food and drinks available to Gold Class patrons.

The spokesman said the hall is "a more affordable option for couples looking for a movie date with comparable privacy".

A Gold Class ticket costs $29 to $39 each, while a ticket at the couples hall is $12, only slightly more than a regular hall.

The couples hall is one of six cinema halls at the $6-million Golden Village City Square, whose total seating capacity is 1,082.

Another new feature is Singapore's first auto-gate entry system, allowing movie patrons to enter by self-scanning a QR code on their mobile phones. Golden Village has not confirmed whether it will introduce the system at other outlets.

The couples hall has divided opinion, predictably along relationship lines.

Mechanical engineer Alvin Ng, 32, says he would consider taking his girlfriend of nine months to this new hall and adds: "Other cinemas also have twin seats, but this is a hall with only couple seats, so the overall vibe will be more romantic, without families around."

University student Charlotte Tam, 20, who is not in a relationship, says it would be "very awkward" for her to watch a movie there.

She adds: "I could go with a good friend but I think it'd be so weird when everyone else around me are couples. They would have chosen the hall specifically for the special couple seats, so they would be in that movie-date mood. For me and my single friend to be there would be like crashing their party."

Golden Village is holding a contest to find an official name for the couples hall. It ends on Nov 21. The participant who submits the winning name will get to host a private screening at the hall for friends and family.


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