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Cool affair

Ice-cream lovers can try out different flavours from 15 parlours in an I Love Ice Cream! event
The Straits Times - November 15, 2011
By: Rebecca Lynne Tan
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Fifteen ice-cream parlours are getting together for a frosty affair at Clarke Quay this weekend. I Love Ice Cream! will be on at the Central Court from 5 to 11pm on Saturday and Sunday.

You can tuck into flavours that range from traditional rich chocolate and cookies 'n' cream to more exotic ones such as pumpkin coconut and Horlicks Tim Tam.

The event is free but festivalgoers will have to pay for the ice cream. Prices start from $3 a scoop.

The aim is to make this event an annual affair, says its organiser Anand A. Vathiyar, managing director of local advertising agency Up BrandBuzz.
He adds that it is targeted at anyone and everyone who loves ice cream.

Brands taking part in the event include Haato, Marble Slab Creamery, Scoopz, Seventh Heaven, Salted Caramel and halal-certified gelato maker Olivye.

Ice cream shops had to pay $600 to set up booths at the fair and the event cost $60,000 to organise.

Ice cream stores say they decided to participate in the fair in the hope that it will create greater brand awareness.

Says Mr Gregory Tan, 39, owner of three-month-old gelato cafe Olivye (say Olivia): 'We're the new kid on the block and we want to see what other ice creams are in the market. We also want to give the brand a bit of exposure because we are halal-certified.'

He will be offering flavours such as chempadak and soursop as well as pistachio and mint fudge.

There is ice cream for the lactose-intolerant too from two brands.

Soyato, which has an outlet in Bugis Junction, makes its frozen confection with soymilk, while Brownice at The Central uses organic brown rice milk to make ice cream that is suitable for vegans.

Of Brownice's participation, its owner Denise Lim, 33, says: 'I am a firm believer that tasting is believing. At the end of the day, desserts have to taste good no matter how healthy they are.'

Other activities include a food- and ice cream-pairing session headed by KF Seetoh of local food guide Makansutra, live music, ice- cream eating competitions as well as hands-on ice cream- making sessions.

Scoopy's And Cream, which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze its creamy treat, will let participants try their hand at making ice cream the molecular gastronomy way.

Owner Tobias Peng, 28, who has been using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream since March, says: 'It is the future of ice-cream making and because it takes less than a minute for the ice cream to freeze, it is smoother and has fewer ice crystals in it. We are also able to operate without a freezer as we will be making ice cream on the spot.'


Where: Clarke Quay Central Court

When: Saturday and Sunday, 5 to 11pm

Admission: Free but customers have to pay for ice cream



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