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Chocolates For Your Valentine

Take a look at the vast selection of specialty chocolates in the market
ST701 Editorial Team - February 6, 2013
By: Joanne Tan Ting Yuan
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Chocolates For Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you still have no inkling on what to get for the special someone? Try specialty chocolates!

Chocolates have been dubbed as one of the most popular gifts and often thought of as a romantic present. If your partner has a sweet tooth, you will definitely see a sweet smile on his or her face.

The market is full of chocolates, ranging from the normal milk chocolates to white and dark ones, often with different percentages of cocoa. In light of the joyous and romantic occasion, stores are selling chocolates packaged in beautifully decorated hampers, gold foils or tin cans, sometimes accompanied with a small bouquet of flowers or a teddy bear.

There are many different chocolatiers right here in Singapore, selling a wide selection of chocolates with a special twist to them. Each has its own uniquely distinguished taste that will excite your sensitive taste buds.

Something unique to try out if your special someone is a tea lover would be the innovative tea-infused chocolates, especially handmade with natural ingredients, which one cannot resist.

Aside to that, there is also a kind of pralines made with a blend of cherry blossoms and green tea wrapped in smooth dark chocolate - highly suitable for ladies. And for the guys, creamy dark chocolate truffles with a blend of Moroccan Green Tea and mint leaves and a layer of caramelized hazelnuts.

Other tea blends you can find infused in chocolates would be Earl Grey Tea, Singapore Breakfast Tea, Camelot Tea and Milk Tea.

If your better half is a liquor lover, then you will not be disappointed by the range of liquor goodies that are out in the market.

To start off, there are the normal, yet famous worldwide Chocolate Liquor Bottles with their Original Spirits in the core. Some examples of the spirits are Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Ricard.

Good choices for ladies for liquor specialty chocolates include chocolates filled with liquid champagne dusted with icing sugar or chocolates filled with cherry liquor, dusted with Morella Cherry powder.

For men, chocolates filled with Bailey’s and Malibu Rum will not disappoint them.

Other examples include a mixture of milk and dark chocolates laced with Port wine, white chocolates infused with coffee beans and laced with Irish Whiskey and cream based liquor and milk chocolates spiked with nuts and hazelnut cream liquor fill.

What about fruit lovers?

Chocolates infused with different fruits are also on demand.

There are selections from white chocolates with mango puree, milk chocolates containing fresh durian and green apple chocolates laced with swiss apple powder.

Other choices include chocolates infused with oranges, cranberries, apricots, limes, strawberries, raspberries, coconuts and passionfruits.

Believe it or not, spices can also make a fusion with chocolates. Bittersweet milk chocolates with basil or chilli spice, white coconut cream chocolates flavoured with lemongrass and dark chocolates infused with figs, cinnamon or peppermint are made available for purchase.

Sugar free specialty chocolates are also a wonderful surprise. Healthier choices would include dark chocolates infused with selection from almonds, sunflowers, jasmine flowers, honey, chrysanthemum, wolfberry to ginseng.

For a more special treat, guys can be surprised with milk chocolate cigars, which have a rich, creamy flavour and yet an elegant feel.

One can also opt to purchase chocolates in cubes, either milk, white or dark, with either alphabets or numbers on them, to compose a romantic message to the other half.

Another surprising kind of chocolates for a gift will be when the chocolate box is as edible as the chocolates inside. It will definitely be a pampering ‘chocolate-y’ treat for your partner!

There are many different specialty chocolates for sale out there in the market. No matter which chocolate your better half has gifted you, it will no doubt be a wonderful memory for the both of you on such a romantic occasion.

Here is a list of chocolatiers in Singapore to help you narrow down your choices.

For more romantic and creative ideas for Valentine’s Day, visit .


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