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Butter Factory in KL

Due to open this year, the Malaysian branch of the popular local nightclub costs $2.45 million to set up
The Straits Times - May 16, 2012
By: Melissa Kok
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Butter Factory in KL Expected to be sited near the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (above), The Butter Factory KL will take up 10,000 sq ft. -- PHOTO: ST FILE

Popular local nightclub brand The Butter Factory will open a franchise outlet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, later this year.

The Butter Factory KL will be located in the Golden Triangle area, the main shopping and nightlife district in the city centre bounded by Bukit Bintang, the Jalan Sultan Ismail hotel strip and the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC).

Although the exact venue was not revealed by the club's franchisee, Malaysian group JV Entertainment, Life! understands that it will be located along Jalan Kia Peng, close to KLCC.

The Butter Factory KL, due to open in the third quarter of this year, will cost RM6 million (S$2.45 million) to set up. At 10,000 sq ft, it is about one-third the size of Zouk KL, which occupies 30,000 sq ft.

The launch of the club will make it the third established nightclub brand from Singapore to enter Kuala Lumpur's nightlife scene, after nightclub Zouk, which opened in 2004, and Thai disco Neverland, which opened its KL branch last September.

Both Zouk and Neverland in Kuala Lumpur are also located in the Golden Triangle area.

Responding to e-mail queries from Life!, Mr Victor Hoo, executive chairman of JV Entertainment, said the group 'owns diversified businesses across the Asia-Pacific region' and was keen on expanding into the entertainment and clubbing business.

'To us, the best way to achieve that would be to bring in a prominent and established brand from overseas. The Butter Factory Singapore came first to mind,' he said, adding that the new venture will also add 'healthy competition to the existing clubs in the KL market'.

JV Entertainment's shareholders and directors own businesses in information technology, telecommunications, advertising, trading and private equities. Some of them are also industry veterans in the KL nightclub scene.

Owners of the six-year-old The Butter Factory agreed to license the brand to JV Entertainment after talks early last year, said The Butter Factory's executive chairman Tay Eu-Yen.

She said: 'We liked who we were talking to and we happily agreed to the franchise.'

It may be worth Butter Factory regulars travelling across the Causeway to check out the club when it opens, as Ms Tay said it will offer a different experience.

Although no details about the club's design, layout and entertainment roster were revealed, she said it will 'not blindly replicate' the Singapore club's appearance, but will 'retain Butter's distinct branding and unique personality'.

VIP members of the local club will be able to enjoy similar benefits at the Kuala Lumpur venue.

The Butter Factory, which started out as a small club in Robertson Walk six years ago, was a huge success from the get-go, drawing packed crowds on weekends with its music mix of electro, hip-hop and R&B and colourful pop art designs that decorated its walls.

Its success led it to move to its current, more spacious 8,000 sq ft home at One Fullerton about three years ago.

Since then, the club's owners teamed up with local company the Lo & Behold Group to open restaurant and bar OverEasy, and recently opened another restaurant and bar Sauce at the Esplanade. They also run an events management company called Agenda.

Some Singaporean clubbers are already keen to travel to Kuala Lumpur to party.

Corporate finance executive Lim Li Lynn, 28, who frequents The Butter Factory here and has partied at Zouk and Neverland in Kuala Lumpur, said she would 'definitely check out Butter' when it opens.

But she said: 'Butter has definitely made a name for itself in Singapore. But I don't think it will be unique compared to other clubs in KL unless it intends to market its K-pop night concept there.'


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