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Botanic Gardens' new attraction combines flora and heady scents

Fans of fragrant plants will want to visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens' newly opened Fragrant Garden.
The Straits Times - March 11, 2013
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Botanic Gardens' new attraction combines flora and heady scents

The one-hectare garden, which is a five-minute walk from the Gardens' Visitor Centre, comprises a circular garden space, a walkway and a boardwalk. It was opened to the public in late February this year after two years of development.

There are currently over 30 species of aromatic plants in the Garden. The Botanic Gardens hopes to introduce more, as its target is over a hundred fragrant plants and trees.

Plant experts at the Botanic Gardens recommend visiting the Garden in the evening, as the scents of the aromatic plants are stronger in the cooler air.

It is also at night that visitors will be able to view the Garden's newly-constructed boardwalk lit up in all its glory. With this new boardwalk, visitors will be able to appreciate previously hidden or inaccessible flora and fauna up close, such as two large baobab trees and a variety of casuarinas.

Visitors afraid of being overwhelmed by the different scents need not worry as the development committee has meticulously planned the Garden's layout, such that strong-smelling plants have been interspersed with those with more faintly-scented flowers.


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