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Bods, babes, beers

Beerfest this year will woo women with 31 hunky beer ambassadors and fruity brews
The Straits Times - May 12, 2012
By: Kenneth Goh
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Bods, babes, beers Beer ambassadors at the Asia Pacific Breweries booth at this year's Beerfest Asia. -- PHOTO: ASIA PACIFIC BREWERIES

Hunks in tank tops will be doing their best to woo women visitors to this year's Beerfest Asia.

And if the guys do not do the trick, the organisers of the annual festival have also included beers they think might interest women drinkers.

The four-day festival, which starts on June 7, is organised by Beerfest Asia, a subsidiary of the Timbre Group, and Sphere Exhibits, a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings.

It will be held at Marina Promenade.

Beerfest Asia director Edward Chia says when the festival started in 2009, three out of 10 visitors were women. Last year, about 45 per cent of the 28,000 visitors were women.

He adds: 'Women know how to party and have a good night out with their friends over drinks.'

To draw more women, he says there will be a slight change in the variety of beers offered at this year's event.

'Traditional favourites at the festival are lagers and pilsners, which are bitter and well-liked among men,' he says.

'But we have seen a growing demand for sweeter and flavoured beers, with a more full-bodied taste, since last year.'

As a result, the festival will feature strawberry beer from Belgium, honeydew melon beer from Taiwan and a toffee-and-apple flavoured cider from the United Kingdom, among others.

According to Mr Chia, fruit beers and ciders make up 15 per cent of the beers offered at the event.

Such beers made up about 8 per cent of the beers offered at the festival two years ago.

Then, there is the eye candy. There will be 31 hunky male 'beer ambassadors'.

This is the first time the festival has brought in male beer promoters, who will also interact with visitors.

Out of the more than 30 exhibitors, three have hired male beer promoters. One of them is home-grown beer distributor and retailer The Beer Bach, which imports craft beers from New Zealand.

Co-owner Melissa Heng, 33, says: 'We did not want to follow the cheesy route of using female models at beer events but sought the help of our healthy-looking male friends to promote our products.'

She adds: 'Besides, it can be something interesting for female drinkers at the event.'

Beerfest Asia hopes to attract up to 32,000 people to this year's festival.

Those who do not fancy fruity beers will also be spoilt for choice, with 350 types of beer from more than 35 countries at the event. This is the largest number of beers offered in the event's four-year history.

More than 50 beers will also make their debut here. They include Beer Geek Breakfast, a stout with oatmeal, chocolate and coffee flavours.

One new exhibitor is Jungle Beer, a local brewery which specialises in beers flavoured with tropical fruits, flowers and spices. Newfangled beer flavours from the 10-month-old company includes pink guava and soursop, and mango and rose.

Its director and brewer, Mr Aditya Challa, 31, hopes to create beers with a strong South-east Asian identity by using ingredients which are easily available in the region.

The company produces about 5,000 bottles a month and these are sold in restaurants and bars here.

Mr Challa, an Indian national, says: 'Singapore has such a strong food culture but alcoholic drinks here do not come with many local elements. I hope to showcase drinks with a stronger local identity.'


Five unusual beers to try at Beerfest Asia 2012

Fruli Strawberry Beer (Belgium)

What: Refreshing strawberry beer brewed with strawberry juice.

Price: $7 from Summer Zest Food and Beverage Management booth



Beer Geek Breakfast (Denmark)

What: A full-bodied stout flavoured with oatmeal, chocolate and coffee flavours.

Price: $15 from The Drinking Partners booth



Wychwood Hobgoblin (UK)

What: One of the best- selling ales in the UK, this ruby-red drink has a chocolate toffee malt flavour. Price: $10 from TSA Wines booth



Brothers Toffee Apple (UK)

What: This tongue-tingling cider comes with a toffee flavour.

Price: $10 from Brothers Cider booth



Tropical Wheat - Mango And Rose (Singapore)

What: A beer flavoured with mango juice and rose petals.

Price: $12 from Jungle Beer booth





Where: Marina Promenade (F1 tracks behind the Singapore Flyer)

When: June 7, 4 to 6pm (trade only), 6pm - 1am (public), June 8 and 9, 6pm to 2am, June 10, noon to 10pm

Admission: Advance booking for day pass, June 7 & 10, $20, June 8 & 9, $28; standard pass, June 7 & 10, $30, June 8 & 9, $40; 4-Day Public Pass, $80; VIP pass, June 7 & 10 ($110), June 8 & 9 ($160) from Sistic (go to or call 6348-5555)


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