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Actor Wu Chun is happy being a hunky heart-throb

Actor Wu Chun is in no hurry to break away from his idol image even as he looks for varied roles
The Straits Times - April 10, 2013
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Actor Wu Chun is happy being a hunky heart-throb

The first scene in the new period action movie Saving General Yang has two hunks showing off some major skin.

A few minutes in, and the characters played by Brunei-born heart-throb Wu Chun and Chinese actor Fu Xinbo are seen topless and kneeling down, as they brace themselves to be beaten by their father (played by veteran Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng) as punishment.

But while Wu, 33, sports defined six-pack abs and beefy pecs and biceps, 26-year-old Fu, though toned, looks a lot scrawnier in comparison.

When Life! asked Wu about the scene in a recent interview here, the baby- faced actor started laughing.


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