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A night at the ballet

If you are bringing along your little girl to the ballet, here are some tips that will allow both of you or the entire family to enjoy the performance.
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - September 11, 2008
By: Goh Mei Yi
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A night at the ballet

Your six-year old princess is bugging you to take her to a ballet performance because she’s into every thing pink and fluffy at the moment. But if you are hesitating because you are clueless about what to do at the ballet, here’s a quick guide for parents:

Go easy: Choose a suitable programme for your little girl. Opt for a programme featuring a few short one-act works or a ballet with a story she is familiar with, like The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella.

Read up: She is more likely to sit through the entire performance if she knows the story. You can buy the programme and read the synopsis of each act or do some research beforehand at the library or on the Internet. Attend the pre-performance talk if there is one.

Be punctual: Arrive early so that you have enough time to have a drink, use the restroom and find your seats. Members of the audience will not be allowed to enter the theatre once the performance starts, and you will have to wait till there is a suitable break in the programme before being admitted.

Silence: The audience should remain silent during the performance as a courtesy to the dancers as well as other audience members. Any noise may distract the dancers and hinder their performance.

Applause: If there is a live orchestra, clap when the conductor makes his entrance. You can also applaud at the end of each act, after a solo dance segment or after a particularly difficult routine. Clap again at the end when the performers take their bows at the final curtain call. Don’t take your leave until the house lights come on.


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