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A Lavish Valentine’s Day

Here are some ideas for a lavish Valentine’s Day celebration
February 7, 2013
By: Joanne Tan Ting Yuan
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A Lavish Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the number 1 day for one to express deep love for someone special. On this romantic day, love birds may decide to go all out to celebrate if money is not an issue.

Have you planned your activities for Valentine’s Day? Below is a suggestion for a full day of fun and surprises that can just bring you and your partner closer on this day where love lingers in the air.


After much needed rest and some hearty western breakfast of sunny side-up eggs and heart-shaped pancakes, head out to start off a romantic day!

Couple Massages

Hectic schedules at work may have elevated both of your stress levels, and there is no harm in giving yourself a good treat on Valentine’s Day. Pamper yourself at spa salons with a full body massage and probably a soak up in a jacuzzi, where you can relax and enjoy. At the same time, you can also hold a nice conversation with your other half.


Go for a short lunch at a restaurant to fill your hunger pangs or a nice afternoon tea at a cafe before you start off with more exciting activities.


The newly-opened ‘The Rink @ JCube’ is a wonderful place where you and your partner can enjoy a fun time ice-skating for an hour or so. If your other half does not know how to skate, this will be the best opportunity for you to teach him or her, and bring your relationship to a new high.


If your special someone and you are movie buffs, then both of you can decide to go for a movie. Be it a romantic chick flick or a horror movie, rest assured, your lady partner will have her arms around you throughout the whole movie!


Dinner is one not to scrimp. Have a lavish, intimate candlelight dinner with your loved one at a sophisticated restaurant and enjoy each other’s company over lip-smacking good food and nice wine. Indulge in delectable desserts as you unwind and have a great chat with each other.

Singapore Flyer

The night is not yet over, not until both of you have taken a 30 minute ride on the Singapore Flyer.  Behold a magical experience as you take a look at the breathtaking and dazzling night view of our city skyline. When you reach the peak of the Flyer, do not be shy to give a peck on your beloved’s cheek as a sign of your sweet love.

6D Motion Ride

After a romantic ride on the Singapore Flyer, walk down to the latest 6D Motion Ride which is located just under the Singapore Flyer. With three movies currently running, your partner and you are in for a speed stimulating and heart popping treat.

Valentine’s Day is probably the one day legit for you to splurge on your other half. Other than activities to do and spend time together, gifts are equally important as they help to express your sincere thoughts and passionate love for your special someone.

Some examples of gifts you can shower on ladies will be a bouquet of flowers, usually red roses to signify deep love and enduring passion, sweet specialty chocolates, cute teddy bears, cosmetics, clothing including lingerie, and jewellery.

With such exquisite gifts and well-planned activities, Valentine’s Day is definitely an eventful and memorable day for you and your loved one, as it is celebrated with insurmountable happiness.

For more romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day, visit .



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