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A Great Gift For A Great Mum

Read on for excellent gift ideas catered to every special mum
ST701 Editorial Team - May 8, 2013
By: Joanne Tan Ting Yuan
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A Great Gift For A Great Mum

When you were a baby, she slept very little just so you could ease your crying and go back to dreamland. When you are sick in bed, she is there by your bedside, sponging you before feeding you a bowl of hot piping fish porridge. When you are stuck with your homework, she becomes your walking dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopaedia or artist, giving you as much help as possible. 

This coming Mother’s Day, let us take some time off to honour this Superwoman, who is none other than our very own loving mothers. Other than giving your mum a kiss on the cheek and a warm hug, how else could you make this special day a great one? With a little extra cash, you can definitely brighten up Mother’s Day this year.

Every mum is special, with different hobbies, likings and lifestyles. Let us take a look at how you can surprise and thank this lady who has done so much for you.


For the Sweet Tooth
Fill your mum with sweetness by getting her
chocolates that she fancies, be it milk, white or dark chocolates. To hype things up, the chocolates can be arranged into a pretty bouquet.

For mums who are real chocolate fanatics, you may also bring them for a sweet chocolate buffet, letting them sink their teeth into great chocolate-y taste.

You can also attempt to bake a pastry, such as muffins, or make a dessert for your mum. It will be filled with more love. It might be something small but it actually means a great deal to her.

For the Cook
Get your mum a new
recipe book and both of you can cook up a storm in the kitchen and whip out a feast for the whole family.

You can also choose from a selection of modern crockery and kitchen utensils and probably add a new stainless steel pot to her collection. Your mum will enjoy cooking for you in the pot that you have gotten for her.

You may also get the latest ‘in’ thing, the Nespresso machine, for your mum. She will have loads of joy brewing aromatic coffee and doing up latte art.

For the Fashionista
For those with mums who love being star styles, bring them out for a shopping trip. Make them feel young with the latest
apparels, stylish handbags, fun accessories and sweet-smelling perfumes. Throw in a lush cashmere shawl, which they can use to feel your warmth.

You can also decide to present her some pampering gifts such as spa packages or manicure and pedicure gift certificates, so that she can spend a decadent day at the spa, relaxing and grooming herself.

In addition, you may also sign them up for makeup lessons, where they can learn the different styles of makeup.

For the Stay-At-Home Mums
It’s high time to get your mum out of the house and spend some quality time with her.

Bring her out for an indulgent brunch or dinner, perhaps at her favourite restaurant or enjoy her favourite cuisine, where both of you can dine and unwind. You may also chat with her over a cup of tea or watch a movie together.

Give her a personalised gift, be it a handmade card, photo album or mug. It will definitely bring a smile to her face.


On Mother’s Day, let us make our mothers feel appreciated!

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