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Tips for setting up a corporate blog – successfully
ST701 Editorial Team - November 16, 2010
By: Sheila Lim
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With the proliferation of new digital media, business organisations now have so many more ways to communicate with their target audience.

Corporate/ marketing blogs are among the options, and they are a powerful way to draw traffic and reinforce your presence in the marketplace. Although just about anyone can set up a blog, blogging isn’t as easy as it seems.

Corporate blogging strategy
Before you jump on the blogging bandwagon, identify your company's primary marketing objectives and gauge how creating a blog can help support those objectives, be they establishing a leadership position, brand/product development or engaging customers.

Researching your business, competitors and customers can help you develop a more effective blogging content strategy. You could conduct interviews and surveys with industry leaders, customers and your frontline staff to gain valuable insights into the trends and people driving the online marketing industry.

Blogging content strategy
Millions of bloggers write about all kinds of topics each day, so it would be wise to decide on a theme/niche for your blog. Put thought into what you are going to post, and ensure that your content consists of popular topics that many people are interested in. Your choice of niche can have a significant influence on the success or failure of your new blog.

Maintaining a blog requires knowledge and discipline; if your staff cannot perform such duties due to time constraints, lack of skills or resources, seek the expertise of Internet professionals.

Blogging outreach strategy
Besides getting your blog up and running, blog experts could help you to pick the best platform to build a blog that allows comments, feedback and links to your target audience. They can research your industry’s online media landscape (including other blogs, websites and forums) for news stories and information you could post or write about in your own blog.

The main purpose of using search engines is to obtain the most relevant, up-to-date information, so search engine results are no good to users when the information is outdated or doesn't relate to the search term used. Adopt a search engine optimisation strategy, such as developing keywords that will get your blog highly ranked or have your blog support existing sites.

Blog experts can also provide assistance in public relations matters where quick response to negative or positive feedback is required. Working directly with you or with public relations agencies, they can advise you how to respond to online crisis situations.


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