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Making the connection with your consumers

It boils down to understanding the needs of your customers
ST701 Editorial Team - June 1, 2010
By: Sheila Lim
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Making the connection with your consumers

What’s the magic formula that has propelled Apple to become the most valuable tech firm in the world? What makes people all over the world so eager to own products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad that they’ll wait in long lines to get them once they’re launched?

The answer is simple – Steve Jobs, the brains behind Apple’s product innovation strategies, understands the needs of his target customers – information technology users – very well. He and his team are constantly revolutionising technological processes to make computing and communication as effortless and accessible as possible for them. And because Apple products are packed with innovative features and are simple to use, they’ve become so popular with everyone from tech fanatics to technophobes, and the young to the aged.

Aside from great products, Apple’s success can also be attributed to its sleek marketing and merchandising strategies, one of which is its iShop outlets, where consumers are given opportunities to familiarise themselves with Apple products by using them and acquiring more information from the staff.

Whatever the product or service we are selling, we can all certainly take a leaf from Apple’s success story – know your customers well, find ways to meet their needs and ensure that your target consumers are familiar with your products/services and the benefits they can bring.


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