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Lessons from the 'international school of business' - Australia

Learn from the people Down Under on how to rise to the occasion
ST701 Editorial Team - August 17, 2010
By: Sheila Lim
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Lessons from the 'international school of business' - Australia

Australia is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and there’s much our entrepreneurs can learn from the way they run their highly successful tourism industry.

Efficiency rules Down Under         
Though Australians are widely regarded as a laidback people with a fondness for barbecues, beer drinking and the beach life, they are very efficient in their work. Commercial concerns – from flea markets and hostels to museums and wildlife sanctuaries – are often meticulously and professionally managed.

Success stories
Tourism is one of the biggest money spinners for the Australian economy because of their well-oiled tourism and travel agencies – online bookings of accommodation, tours and other tourism-related activities are usually hassle-free thanks to well-designed e-commerce websites; they offer tourists an amazing array of holidaymaking options as well as convenient and well-organised pick-up and drop-off services. Most of their tourism staff and guides are also professionally trained and well-informed. 

The marketing prowess of the Australians also accounts for their success – their creative international marketing campaigns and the beautifully designed packaging of their products are significant factors that have helped bring in tourist dollars.

Lessons to learn
It’s not only the Australians’ commitment to their profession that’s to be admired but their positive work attitude as well. Judging from the behaviour and conduct of their tourism operators and guides, it is evident that they not only take immense pride in promoting their country’s natural beauty and national treasures, but are conscientious about educating tourists on environmental protection issues as well.


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