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Learn how to take charge of your career

EXPERT ADVICE: Mr Ngee Key will share tips on how to establish your career and "recession-proof" it.
Asia One - October 14, 2013
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Learn how to take charge of your career

Job security is a big concern for many Singaporeans, especially in an ever-changing economic climate, said principal trainer Ngee Key.

He said that people are constantly "competing (in the corporate world), whether it is to retain jobs or to accelerate their career (advancements)".

"That's why there is a need for people to learn how to take charge of their career, and stay relevant."

Mr Ngee, who is also founder of / and coaching provider Springboard Talent, will be speaking on the topic at a seminar organised by My Paper on Oct 20.

At the talk, he will share strategies on planning a career path, achieving career goals, as well as tips on how to "recession-proof" your career.

This includes taking a "proactive approach" to keeping updated with knowledge, technology and skills, "even if (your) company is not providing the relevant training", said Mr Ngee.

Those looking to advance in their career should work at "branding their identity so that it stands out and gains visibility among the top management", he added.

"You must envision a long-range perspective (for your career), set a plan in place and work on it," he said. "This will help make the later years of your life more fulfilling."



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