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Now that you know what marketing is about, how can you harness its power effectively? You can stretch your marketing budget and increase awareness of your business through the following ways.
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Promote your signature: Just created Facebook and Twitter accounts? Update your e-mail signature with this information, and append it to every e-mail you send. 

Give away stuff: Business cards are easily discarded, but namecard holders, tissue packs or tokens used in “gift-with-purchase” promotional schemes that bear the name and contact information of your business are not. In fact, such items increase the chances of customers remembering your company name, and may be passed on to others. 

Employ mnemonics: Be it a catchy jingle, great tagline or even an impossible-to-forget phone number, do what it takes to make your business memorable. If people remember your organisation, they might just check it out someday. 

Keep in sight: Aim for top-of-mind recall from your site visitors, customers and clients. Send them e-newsletters, put them on your hard-copy mailing list, or e-mail them when you are holding a sale. It will take time for these marketing tactics to work, but they will eventually pay off. 

Be in the news: Got a good news angle that’ll help promote your brand-new product? Get your press releases out to the media. Positive editorial can be more impactful than a hard-sell advertisement. 

Get others to hawk your business: If you happen to sell neon-coloured backpacks, you could suss out bloggers and Twitter users who love trying the latest bags and send each of them a sample! If suitably impressed, these “super users” will help spread the word and build awareness of your products. This is an effective way of reaching your target audience. 

Share your knowledge: The more you show that you are an authority in your field, the more people are likely to trust your business and what it stands for. So work pro bono if you have to – write for online forums and user sites, or be a guest columnist in blogs, magazines or newspapers – and offer your expertise. 

Spend wisely: If writing is not your forte, hire an experienced freelance copywriter to write your e-mails, e-newsletters and press releases. It’s better to pay more than nullify your public relations efforts or even damage the image of your company with poorly written articles. 

Observe what works: Measure the results of each component of your marketing campaign. If an advertising approach is working for you – stick with it. If it is not, keep trying new tactics. 

Network: Meet like-minded entrepreneurs – attend tradeshows, seminars and business forums, and partake in meaningful discourses. 

Do good: Lend your name to worthy events, and sponsor good causes, such as charity shows and garage sales, and sporting activities held in aid of the disabled. It’s a win-win situation – you get to help others, meet more people and spread the word about your setup.