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Brave new world

It’s the enterprising who will thrive in it
ST701 Editorial Team - November 23, 2010
By: Sheila Lim
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Brave new world

Facebook might be launching a new e-mail application that will forever alter the concept of e-mail as we now know it, and give Google, Hotmail and Yahoo a run for their money. This revolutionary change, if successful, will propel them towards being the social network provider for the entire Internet population.

Such “stirrings” in the media world are becoming de rigeur. The proliferation of social networking platforms like blogs, Twitter, YouTube and SMS is providing consumers with a growing number of avenues to seek and offer advice or information, actively search for products and services, make purchases, and share their experiences through reviews and commentaries. 

Business enterprises can ill afford to neglect the invaluable “marketing mileage” social media networks can offer. It could be more profitable for them to align themselves with the new media landscape and harness these new-age marketing tools to help them reinforce the presence of their brand and value in both established and new markets.

Their ability to capture attention – both online and in the real world – will allow them to create and steer experiences, transactions and sentiment. By deciding where and how to focus their efforts, they could participate in social networks in ways that boost visibility, attract customers, and empower a community of customers and advocates that will help them create new business opportunities, as well as offer added value to target customers and stakeholders.


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