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3 Advantages of being listed in a directory

Benefits for companies to be listed in directory listing
September 22, 2014
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3 Advantages of being listed in a directory

Directories have been around since forever, evolving from print to digital. Many have argued that directory listings are becoming obsolete but it is far from being true. There are still benefits for companies to be listed in directory listing. Some of the benefits include:

1. Increased Brand Recognition

Being listed in a directory instantly increases a company’s digital footprint and hence brand recognition. As consumers can find the company online at more than one site, the credibility of the company also increases.

2. Creates valuable links to your website

A website with no links directing traffic is like an unexplored island, no one knows of its existence and the treasures that are buried in it. Being listed in a directory will help companies create valuable links that directs traffic and become more noticeable in search engine. This in turn results in more customers.

3. Being more visible in search engine

Directory listings have special characteristics that make them attractive to search engine - their frequency of use and regular updates of listings. This results in a major boost in traffic as directory listings allow your website to rank better in major search engines. When your company is listed in a decent directory, it also results in more pages indexed in search engines.


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